Debugging the Test Script that read text. Reviewing results from a debugging session 2. Adding Bitmap Checkpoints to a Test Script. Select global parameterization options. Describe the properties of the font. Finding an GUI object in the object tree.

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Modify the window label with a regular expression 2. Clicking Pause in the WinRunner message window. Learning all the objects in the Login window. Modifying physical description of a GUI object. Understanding the Testing Process.

Define a loop that calls each test 3 times. Reviewing the results of the read text test. Closing bitmap checkpoints Test Results window. Changing Settings for Timeout for Checkpoints.

Software Testing Tools-Win Runner-Online Software Testing Tutorial

What Script Statements Are Recorded. Reviewing the results from data driven tests. Reviewing results from a debugging session. Winrjnner the Step button to run the entire test line by line. Set the learning flow to Express. Running the Synchronized Test.


WinRunner Download – IconB7A0CBexe

GUI checkpoint result mismatch 2. Viewing physical description of a GUI object. Start recording in Context Sensitive mode. Insert another bitmap checkpoint. Replace the selected value with data. View the results of the called tests 2.

Adding Logic to the Test Script. Modify the window label with a regular expression.

Understanding the Winunner Process 2. Change the timeout value back to milliseconds. Adjusting the Script with Regular Expressions. Exploring the WinRunner Window. Starting the RapidTest Script wizard. Creating a GUI checkpoint for a single object. Parameterization of testing values.

HP WinRunner

Identifying a Synchronization Problem. Run the RapidTest Script Wizard on your application.

Customizing the Results Information. Adding comments into the test script. View the results of the called tests.

Lesson 10 – Creating Batch Tests. Bitmap checkpoints test on a New Version of application.