Prints the site name! Also, in the Channel Properties Protocol Mode dialog box, you can define a string of characters that causes WinFIOL to automatically switch from buffered to setup mode. The Mode, Setup and Advanced channel properties are the same as for the telnet protocol settings, except for the Login dialog settings on the Setup page. The bypass addresses can be entered as wildcard addresses, for example Johansson N 2 Installation, Start and Exit 2.

winfiol ericsson

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From the Network page of the Target manager you can open a channel to an exchange that is managed centrally, for example when using TMOS. Prints Sites on BSC data state!

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In the TTY mode, even if the input window is active, the text cursor is shown in the output window just after the data that is last received. The Tek-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. Wihfiol now supports logging of scheduled activity and the handling of repeat intervals has been simplified. Place device in service! No other syntax check is done. The login script will start over if it detects a failed login. Help Center Find new research papers in: Johansson N Figure 24 The message window When an event causing a message occurs, the message appears in the message window and indicates among other things the position where the event occurred.


This way you can send data to multiple channels in one transmission.

During scrolling, no new data can be received. The way individual commands are sent depends on the channel mode in use, that is, buffered, setup or TTY. Load software to CF! The Apply button converts a selected decimal number in winfill document to the corresponding hexadecimal value.

This option only works in the low security mode. Prints cells in LAI! When the maximum number of lines defined in the channel properties see section 5.

winfiol ericsson

Figure 35 Selecting a browser and a browser book 9. In order to use the module you need to define one or more events and actions to them from the Monitoring Module Configuration dialog box.

You can then open the modified channel from the channel list shown in the Target Manager My Channels page. In addition, selected text can be exported to a file from the Block Write Block menu. Prints the site name! All scheduled files are listed in the Scheduler window see section 6. Johansson N Figure 10 Replace dialog box Find and replace can be effected with a set of options found in the Replace dialog box. It is possible to load a file being transmitted into the command file window and continue transmission from there.


You can get information on the options from the help system. Error handling is described in more detail in section 6. Each custom defined button can have a bitmap icon or hot key associated with it when it is created or modified. Johansson N Figure 22 The traffic setup dialog box 6.

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You can activate the output window, by clicking in it, and scroll through the contents. Resets alarm, if continually comes in assign to Tier erixsson

You can also define whether to delete lines where there are spaces before the defined characters. You can always activate the Channel properties yourself to change any channel settings see section 5.

winfiol ericsson

The Log raw received data option is used when you want every character, including control characters, to be added to a log file.