You gain access to a draconic aspect, the dragonblood subtype and a few other minor benefits, while losing most of your other racial traits.. Like the fighter, this guy has jump out points that are both even and odd. Your DM will likely not. You really want this. Keep in mind that a weapon can’t have a price tag of greater than , gp. Mastering the Sword Spoiler.

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A two level watblade dip gets you 3 bonus feats, and with the UA variantstwo of these could be just about any applicable feats to your build. Dwarves also get Dwarven Waraxes and Urgosh es? I was really straining to read it. When you use a warblade 3.5 action to initiate or change your stance, you can initiate or change one or both stances.

No, no, and no. I warbblade care what you want warb,ade for, it sucks. Warblade 3.5 Posted by useridunavailable. Maneuvers as i warblade 3.5 them atm chr lvl 1: Touch attacks are horribly easy to make, which makes this wonderful. You can just use that round to refresh your maneuvers. From the mid levels onward, these two sources will be providing you with the greater part of your base damage, and so simply using a two-hander boosts your damage output enormously.


If you reeeally need more hitpoints, take Improved Toughness instead. Really really dont know dont seem to really like any of them, suggestions?

PHB races, plus a couple extras that I like. That only applies when you wield a 1-handed weapon 2-handed. Use a 10′ reach polearm, threaten the immediate 5′ radius with your bare hands and feet. Other Classes Because you appreciate the long years of study and practice necessary to become a master of combat, warblade 3.5 have great respect for fighters and paladins — though you sometimes feel a rivalry with them, as well.

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Warblade Dualwield (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Charging Minotaur does become relatively obsolete before too long, but you’ll have a lot of fun playing with the thing. Nonetheless, the fact that it stops a whole lot of Power Attack does make this better than its predecessors.

Warblade 3.5, it is retardedly good. Beautiful in its simplicity, though, like all static bonuses, it ages. Not Shadow Blade, for instance.


Light Mace – The Lightning Maces feat makes these quite useful. Last edited by Rhun; Tuesday, 1st January, at When compared with a normal energy property, you’re looking at 1d6 damage on every attack versus, with thundering, a negligibly higher 1d8 damage on a warblade 3.5.


Admiration for athletic prowess, the martial ideal, and sheer physical daring is common warblade 3.5 these races. Using an Immediate Action is essentially a Swift Action you can use at any time; it even says in the rules that if you make a Swift action during your turn, you can’t make an Immediate Action until the start of your next turn and vice versa.

At every other level or so you can learn a new maneuver, basically like adding it to your spell list.

Warblade Dualwield (e Optimized Character Build) – D&D Wiki

However, unless your build is specifically designed around grappling, it’s pretty useless. Nor do you even need to multi class; warblade 20 is an excellent build. If you’re playing in a low-level game, it might be a good choice; otherwise, skip it. Casting a spell with a casting time of 1 swift action 33.5 not provoke attacks of opportunity.

I already took Improved Initiative at level 5. Pick up later and pick Warblaed Blade instead. Now back to thanking great GM’s like Birched warblade 3.5 Makenshi. Bonus to Con, Penalty to our warblade 3.5 stat.