Navjyot , 1 2. Lord Rama released Gods from the prison of Ravana. Whatever we have accumulated through our past actions, we have to suffer on that account. If we talk with him then our confusion ends. Let us purify our mind. This may affect our determination.

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Let us drive out this ego from our mind. We keep on indulging in imaginations. We should understand the whole matter for the sake of benefit. Therefore let us shun evil desires. We should renounce the doership in everything that happens.

Let us install firmly personality of Lord Rama in the mind. He should not be after money.

Shri Manache Shlok- Part 1 Null

Let us always be devoted to the good work. But people dont understand this. Let others receive benefit out of our sufferings.

There lies the secret.


Samarth Ramdas Swami’s Manache Shlok’: A Psychological Perspective | amruta gokhale –

They know many mantras and weld tremendous power. Lord Rama is the protector. Our conscious rises above the level of sensual pleasures after looking at him. Let us not be carried away with the wild imaginations. Let us understand the truth.

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Let us have a strong determination and let us focus on our purpose. Moreover, he also told us to keep going ahead with sense of doership and follow our mission without indulging in unproductive anxiety and sorrow. We cannot just hold it exclusively with us. Our mind may go against the Shastras if our mind becomes agumentative after reading a lot. He protects his devotees in their distress. Let us remember Lord Rama every morning.

It is the support for Brahmas and others. He will give you happiness and salvation. If we do not have the courage to act then we should not talk. International Journal of Research Studies in Psychology1 2. Ramdas was a contemporary of Sant Tukaram. This is possible shree manache slok to Lord Ram always being remembered in Kashi. In whatever situation we are in, we should deal in the best interest of everyone concerned.


We should not bleed our mind with sorrow. But, sometimes communication, if not handled properly, create disarray. We will understand that other living shree manache slok are no different from us.

All sorts of logic that start with confusion end up with hell. The reason was a call given by the elephant to the Lord. But who writes the destiny of God Brahma on his forehead. Shloka 2 Let us remember Lord Rama every morning.