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Scrin powers include the ability to project force fields around their units, phase them partly into another dimension to reduce their vulnerability to enemy fire, and summon powerful ion storms. Several subsects have been developed specifically to deal with native populations of Tiberium harvesting worlds. This allows them to teleport behind tanks, hitting them in the thin rear armour. The Redeemer can garrison two infantry units. Clearly beside herself, she shouts Nod’s motto “Peace through power” and then commits suicide by shooting herself in the head, just as LEGION shuts down.

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For these benefits however the sub-faction does not have any access to rail gun technology and cannot produce Juggernaut artillery walkers. Retrieved from ” https: This sub-faction replaces GDI’s Zone Troopers with “Zone Raiders”, [8] a newer power armored infantry unit equipped with anti-air rockets and sonic rocket-propelled grenades.

Command & Conquer 3: Kane’s Wrath – Wikipedia

Ichor seed KW only. On the battlefield, the Scrin have their own unique style of play that complements that of GDI and Nod.

The Annihilator Tripod is, without a doubt, the strongest Scrin land-based unit. The standard harvester conqued replaced with a Rocket Harvester. Harvesting operations rated for Threshold defense. Anti-infantry weaponry will always work. Corrupters can heal other units, turn infantry into Visceroids and flood garrisoned buildings to clear them, via a Tiberium-based sludge.


Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Designer Diary #5 – Introducing the Scrin

Everything glows white before exploding, and creating a small shock wave around it. They are best suited for engaging Harvesters at the beginnig of game.

A feared order of warrior priests within the Brotherhood of Nod, [9] specialized in powerful conquee highly trained Black Hand Infantry. The Enlightened, along with the sub-faction’s Saboteur units and Tiberium Troopers, can be upgraded with cybernetic enhancements to greatly increase their rate of movement. A new Nod artillery unit called the Specter is available. Green text means that the upgrade is available only in Tiberium Wars the upgrade was moved.

Red Alert Universe Major factions. Unlike Seekers and Gun Walkers, however, they have no response to aerial attack, and should be escorted by other vehicles. While it doesn’t have the nigh infinite range of the Juggernaught or the sheer power of several Beam Cannons, the Devastator can pack a powerful wallop with its dcrin discs. Any form of vehicle will stop Gun Walkers quite easily. The trade-off for its enhanced ground power is a marked lack of the Mastermind and air units, except for Stormriders and Drone Ships.

It can be inferred that a true military assault will be massive in comparison to the harvesting operation. The Devastator cannot strike any air units, so Venoms, Stormriders, and Firehawks are all viable counters.

They can also be crushed by Scorpion Dozer blades. That is, until now.

Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars Designer Diary #5 – Introducing the Scrin – GameSpot

Jesus, look xonquer those things! Humanity will discover that it’s not alone in the universe, and that it’s not the only race fighting for Tiberium. An alliance of advanced nations known as the Global Defense Initiative GDI has been locked in a long twilight struggle with the Brotherhood of Nod Noda stateless superpower that is a strange mix of terrorist organization, religion, popular movement, and corporation.


Later, GDI realizes that the Scrin aren’t really interested in the human race. Venoms and Vertigos also work. A side effect donquer infantry is that they create visceroids, which then attack any units yours or theirs with miniature versions of the Corruptor’s weapon.

Seekers are the light tank of the Scrin. But Disintegrator have self destruct ability so they cause even more damage when crushed.

The Black Hand’s standard infantry is the “Confessor Cabal”; a squad of six Confessor units armed with hallucinogenic grenades this time a manually activated abilityas well as anti-infantry Gatling guns which can be upgraded with “Charged Particle Beams” to increase their firepower Charged Particle Beams are also applied to the Shredder Turret for increased firepower. As ofno activity from the Scrin has been observed, but it is unlikely that GDI will rest on its laurels in regards to a potential second Scrin Invasion.

Therefore, if one can run a Mastermind to the back of an enemy’s base, one can summon a group of ally forces along with Shock Troopers themselves to that position and wreak havoc.