It contains ten remixes of tracks from the first Puscifer album “V” Is for Vagina, as well as two remixes of the non-album single “Cuntry Boner”. Login with Facebook Error: Add it to our wiki. This is a great explanation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The lead singer is very well known for speaking of unity and putting our beliefs, religion, race, etc.

puscifer the humbling river

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The Humbling River

Rise of the Lycans Reminds us of the speculation that our spiritual evolution will bring about an end of the Age of the Warrior, and the Age of the Artist will triumph. Even though he has embraced so much of the human experience, and tried to enhance his perspective to view humanity as a single entity, so many of the rest of us fail to do so. Or you’ll never make it over the river.

When we finally come together, then we can move on — over this obstacle. Donkey Punch The Night”. We need to join hands and become the one race that we are meant to be. Retrieved November 7, However, in a November interview, Keenan stated: It is new territory for us.


Puscifer – Wikipedia

If you read the book “Nothing In This Book is True but it is Exactly the Way Things Are” which Tool alludes to in the album Latralus, you will be lead to think that Maynard is talking about the entire human race jumping forward into the next dimension or state-of-being. Puscifdr still have this lack of connectedness from our neighbours.

Jones is not associated with Puscifer otherwise, although artwork by Jones has been featured on Puscifer apparel the “Your Mom’s a Bitch” shirt, specifically.

According to Keenan’s MySpace profile with regard to members, the band includes. The only solution is to create a new philosophy based on humhling and universal brotherhood and sisterhood.

Open your heart and hands my son. Archived from the original on hu,bling Look at my big bank account, and my family! The river is the next obstacle we as a human race must face.

As I am not a religious person, I prefer to think of this as the moment of enlightenment. Donkey Punch the Night.

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It contains ten remixes of tracks from the first Puscifer album “V” Is for Vagina, as well as two remixes of the non-album single “Cuntry Boner”. The EP has sold 10, copies. It is less rigid and more fluid than the mountain. Flag mantlepicture on January 08, Archived from the original on 29 June The eyes of love, instead, see all of us as one. We need to be equipped to cross the river, there are new tools we need to acquire.


Hope you guys enjoyed it. Yet I’m helpless by the river.

puscifer the humbling river

A choice, right now, between fear and love. Not to nitpick, but it’s the River Styx. ChuanRi Ths someone so knowledgeable you seem to have forgotten the reason why the individual aspires to achieve enlightenment.

puscifer the humbling river

For me right now, these also represent emotional states and unique experiences that I have personally overcome. Archived from the original on September 28, Show and Tom Waits ‘ Big Time. This song is representitive of a character who has done “wonderful” things in life.