I had some trouble finding out what the ‘slide slant’ is, it is basically the slider but diagonally, so if b is any block, f is off block and o is on block this should move. That will make some awesome doors, i think! In it’s config generated on first laucnh I changed these three lines: You can change its acceleration with the controller. It adds blocks that change the way that objects in the game are able to move. If you rightclick on a ‘core’ block with a control panel, you can let it move stone, sand and dirt.

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Ugocraft — Inchworm Drive, Alterantive to RP2 Frames?

Feel free to request a video Some simple examples of structures that can be built include trains, drawbridges, windmills, elevators, and much more! Minecraft Mods – Female Gender Option 1. I would add it but I dont wanna bring down my 40fps even more getting about in vanilla. I didn’t minecraft ugocraft mod 1.4.7 changing IDs is all it needed to work with Ultimate I thought it didn’t work regardless of that though in the mod suggestion topic it also says it isn’t included in FTB because it’s supposedly incompatible, which suggests more than just IDs.


RE:【機關】 大型可動件 模組 (Ugocraft Mod) @Minecraft 我的世界(當個創世神) 哈啦板 – 巴哈姆特

My top 10 of very useful and fun mods. Probably simpler methods, igocraft here is a minecraft ugocraft mod 1.4.7 inchworm drive I put together, so it can move a ship then move the anchor points: Today we take a look at this amazing mod called Ugocraft! You should put the slide slant under the off block.

PeppeApr 4, Try it on your server! The Off Block minscraft stop any sliding blocks when it comes in contact with it. The mod has been updated for 1.

CreaperJul 4, Some truly crazy stuff you can do. OmicronApr 4, Thank you for the support! That will make some awesome doors, i think! A brand new mod focused on putting you in the world of The Lion King by Mevans!

This unfortunately, can’t replace mor. Jay Cee likes this. It’s a dream come true! Download below and leave a rating if you You can also use google translate to at least get some pointers about stuff imnecraft the videos the mod maker has made are surprisingly understandable without him saying a word he very clearly shows how the blocks work and stuff with clear examples.

May work in the other packs Minecraft songs and parody free.


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Bellaabzug21Jul 4, Download the mod here tell them sky Each block will move blocks that are connected to it. Structures are able to smoothly slide and rotate in every direction. Oh God, now they’re in Minecraft too!

Seems it does not connect with all blocks.

It moves every minecraft ugocraft mod 1.4.7 block, but by default sand, dirt and stone are denied to stop you from moving literally earth and space.

But I definitely see why it’s marked minefraft incompatible because of this, RP2’s frames can move pretty much anything without too many issues. The fluid grates are the one RP2 thing I am yet to see replaced. In it’s config generated on first laucnh Hgocraft changed these three lines: Thus when switching to FML, it cannot be used on multiplayer without also installing modloader and modloaderMP onto the server.