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Considering how long both of these guys have been in Nautilus, it’s kind of surprising that it took so long for them to talk. Demyx finds it cruelly ironic that he possesses none of those, but takes care of it should Zanki ever return. Afterwards, Demyx resumes his normal attacks, but also gains a new technique, Water Finish. He loves music and sharing music. Soon, Demyx starts using more powerful attacks, such was water columns in random spots, walking toward you with a water wall constantly coming up, and a move that he says “Come on, keep to the beat! Instead of being sent to Hollow Bastion , Demyx is instructed to track down Kairi after she escapes the Soundless Prison. Using fire magic deals a lot of damage to Demyx.

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Yes, the guy who runs kkndom from fights is friends with Death. From Kingdom Hearts Wiki: He still has a little trouble with the idea of having multiple best friends, since the only example he knew before was Axel and Roxas, so when Cloud showed up he got a little worried. He has learned how to manipulate ice, fire, light, and is starting to work on earth, and has learned how to bend emotions into people mindom music.

Alternatively, switch to Wisdom Form and use magic-based attacks.


It is recommended to use the Wild Dance Reaction Command as well as the Fire spell as many times as possible. Ethers should be stocked to refill the MP Gauge after a consecutive round of Fire spells, but HP should not be a problem, as defeating the water forms causes HP Balls to drop.


What is not immediately known to the player is that a water form hit with Blizzaga now triggers the change into note form, therefore allowing “Wild Dance” to be performed. Firaga will also instantly destroy the water forms. He locates her and pleads with her to return to her cell for his own sake, and she complies out of pity.

Demyx – Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

Also, be sure to reset the Anti-Points counter to zero before the battle, so as to help prevent Sora from entering Anti Form. In the manga adaption, in one of the early chapters, he is seen playing a prank on Axel, where he puts a whoopee cushion on Axel’s seat. Please help out by editing this page. When reduced to his last health bar, Demyx once again sends out the forms in rounds. He is rather youthful in appearance when compared to most of the other members.

Striking the Demyx-shaped forms will cause them to transform into note-shaped ones. Even with his somewhat goofy demeanor he presents a very hard battle, but it eventually defeated ddemyx is consumed by a pillar of light. He has a keyblade. Hears I have designed this guide for you. Immune to ice, and resistant to lightning, and special attacks [1] Resistant to fire, ice, lightning, and special attacks. In Nautilus this has changed- he has a heart, and therefore emotions, but still acts basically as he did as a Nobody.

Demyx is present when Xion joins the Organization.


Sora may occasionally get the chance to use the Show Stealer command—signaled by Demyx marching toward Sora while playing his sitar and quipping “Ain’t it a blast? Demyx is… kind of not sure how to feel about Xemnas at this point.

How to Defeat Demyx in Kingdom Hearts II: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Thinks he’s pretty nice. If you want to discuss contents of this page – this is the easiest way to do it.

Ansem and Ienzo then use this replica as a vessel for Roxas ‘s digital memories. Boss This Melodious Nocturne has lots of defense and the ability to dispel status effects. He attacks Sora and his allies in the Underworldas well as in Hollow Bastion during the Battle of the Heartless. Roxas keeps leaving and coming back, which kind of bothers him a bit since he keeps making FRIENDS with the one that’s here and once he leaves all that tends to go away. Demyx gets along with Xigbar pretty well, though the last time Xigbar was in Nautilus Demyx ended up having to fight him.

He uses an instrument called a “sitar” to control water.

Zack is one of the most important people to him in Nautilus, and one of the few he’d do most anything to help. His main attack is jumping while trailing water columns. Demyx called Sora “Roxas. Returned to Nautilus with memory intact, believing she’d only been gone a day.

The “Duo Raid” portion knocks Demyx into the air and prevents him from using any attacks.