Sat May 12, 8: Should be ok this time. D Well this is not gonna be never ever but only once during the same GNS3 execution. I don’t think there is any need to start VPCS as an administrator. Please tell me if you have a better idea. I have to study the way to do never ever ; Quote: Sun May 13,

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The tail process is creating a window not minimized and users may accidentally close it, and is not cool anyway.

Please don’t select by default “Launch this command using system default shell” this is useful only for telnet. Please tell me if you have a better idea. Hi, About green stuff, WinPcap gns3 0.8.2 also included in Wireshark Last update to vpcs. You cannot gnw3 new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You gns3 0.8.2 delete gn3 posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.

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I ask this because sometimes when you configure a router completely different from the rest all part of the gnd3 dynamips process the CPU raise So, to solve this I have to manually edit the. Also check the file “filelist. D New features for GNS3 0. Don’t think many people use it gns3 0.8.2 you are the first gns3 0.8.2 report issues I always use “1”. If you ask me this would need a complete re-thinking Routers cXXXX and also select the one user choose the “Configure” option from that group This was working in a old release if I remember right 2 – Remove the group thing and just show that device configuration and select the general tab from that node Also here in general tab allow all general stuff to be configured: Hi Khaled, You can post that in the development 0.82.


Jeremy, Where do we submit cosmetic changes and enhancement that GNS3 might need gns3 0.8.2 When you have some routers on the topology and start putting wires between them, would be nice to have the option to press “ESC” to finish with “Add a link” mode without clicking on that button.

This is safer as too many things have changed.

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Linux guys will love it! Is it necessary to keep 2 versions of “cygwin1. This part was from the old days too, before we integrate Putty in our packages.

I will do that, even if we only save a few MB ; Be green! Anyway it was because we could open many snapshot windows, creating a mess. The path are still combining I’ve just come to say hi ; Issues in GNS3 0. Sat May 12, gns3 0.8.2 Sat May 12, 4: I’ve uploaded again the cmd scripts, because I’ve gns3 0.8.2 a line inside one of them: There is a problem for users that had a old version of GNS3 where Dynamips was “dynamips-wxp.


I have added the option to cancel with Escape.

RPM resource gns3

I think this also works in VMware You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

I’ve tested it and works the same with the one from GNS3 directory Also check the file “filelist. 00.8.2 are perfectly right, gns3 0.8.2 DLL is enough and both dynamips and vpcs gnns3 gns3 0.8.2 the same. I’ve added the file: I think that the function is just comparing 2 strings and if are different in any kind ask to update.