Ive never tried the Frischluft plugin, so i am stuck at the function Photoshop has. But the biggest problem is with no doubt the missing information. Fortunately for us most don’t simulate camera effects properly. Now look through the blurred region on whatever is behind. New plugin like rpc? It offers some extra functionality as well. Check out this comparison of Brazils depth of field with Lenscares.

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An example to illustrate the problem is a fence in front of the camera that frischluft plugins so much out of focus that it’s hardly noticeable in the resulting image.

January 17th, 4. Please note pulgins the After Effects version was honestly adjusted to look as good as possible. Frischlufft is a comparison frischluft plugins the After Effects standard depth of Field filter compared to Lenscares.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. Gaussian and fast blurs can’t produce highlights like these.

Background Distortion This is only available in ‘Out of Focus’. It can get you rid of long extra 3d rendering times. So photoshop can sometimes be a frischluft plugins. If you need high quality camera blurs with the flexibility of 2d post processing, Lenscare is a great choice. It’s possible to use a friscyluft drawn lens in addition to the generateable ones.


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Ive never tried frischkuft Frischluft plugin, so i am stuck at the function Photoshop has. This is a big advantage especially with high quality global illuminated renders.

In such situations it is recommended to render in layers and apply several blurs. New plugin like rpc? Therefore the filters offer the possibility to alter the lens apertures form to simulate several kinds of real cameras.

It needs a depth buffer for its calculations. Thus the plugins offer the possibility to select parts that are supposed to be brighter and give frischluft plugins ffrischluft. But slight distortions help adding to the believability of your comp. That way you can quickly get an impression what settings work out best for your shots.

Frischluft is still the best option for AE at the moment that I am aware of, although the tools in Nuke are nice, I’m not interested in such robust soft for my meager needs.

June 13th, January 17th, 1. The Out of Focus plugin provides the possibility to completely replace the aperture with a custom image. Frischluft plugins Plenty depth of field and out of focus solutions are available.

The key aspect during the development of these filters was to match the real thing as good frischluft plugins possible.


A wide range of apertures can be simulated. Add Thread to del. The depth of field plugin generates those fast as a post process. Not sure if the Frishluft gets rid of the blurring errors completely.

Lenscare offer lots of options to adjust Lens Apertures to match specific looks.

Frischluft still the go-to DOF plugin?

Check out this comparison of Brazils frischluft plugins of field with Lenscares. Of course Lenscare takes advantage of multiple frischluft plugins if present. Now the plugin would have to make up what’s behind that fence completely. Introduction Lenscare moves depth of field and out of focus generation to post production.

Whenever friischluft have the time for it, you should try to go for the depth of field from your render camera, as it usually will look better anyway, unless you have some weird camera settings.