Even that there are many problems with the AI version. And dont focus to dota2 coz there is a dota Active List of Mafia Games 2. A million people want DOTA.. Decent changes so far, looks like stampede got the most attention,but I guess that was expected. Thank you DotA “Nothing Compares”.

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Blogs End of the year blog. Too many stupid mother fucking dumbass around here. We still should give thanks to the Developer of the Version.

c New Dota 1 Patch

Am I right or I am right? Dragon vs XCTN 2 days. If they can get the numbers satisfactory on this patch it’d be a good patch. L vs Eclipse 1d 19h Royal vs iG. Care to read his statement?

Alliance vs NoPangolier 1h 54m. On October 28 Thank you so much PBMN. Where is the fucking 7. It shouldn’t be a global. Hoping that still we will receive the official doat.


One suggestion i feel could be put in, is a much more gank-orientated style AI as well as the difficulty level of the AI should be increased for better practising purposes. Nothing will change, unless you gave him a free apartment on Munich. OG vs Vega 4h 54m. NiP vs Gambit 7h 54m. Dota 6.76 b vs Dragon 5 days. Get Updates via Email! U vs XCTN 3 days.

DotaTalk » Best SEA Dota2 Community » Dota 2 Update – b and Centaur Released

Admiral vs XCTN 3 days. I wanted to make a card game. Who would have thought Stampede needed changes. How long will it takes for 6.

Drop everything now Meet me in the pouring rain Kiss me on the sidewalk Dota 6.76 b take away the pain Cause I see sparks fly Whenever you smile. Odta vs Admiral 2 days. A million people want DOTA. Decent changes so far, looks like stampede got the most attention,but I guess that was expected. Please log in you can use your steam or reddit account!


Zee’s Krobelus – Post 6.76b Death Prophet Build

Progression, Balance Changes, and more! Neon vs XCTN 2 days. And apparently neither in dota 1. Pavaga vs FWD 3h ddota. We have always continuing support for the AI Maps Developer PBMN i hope you could fixed about a catapult not being hit by ai hero when cata hitting the tower.