As a child our only dream was to get I find myself clueless to decide how to start this. Maybe they hadn’t read the book because shoaib praised Sachin plenty of times in the book. Before Inzimam captaincy, Wasim-Waqar sour relationship that resulted in undermining the team completely, and the rumour of match fixing Good post He’s clarified that he was just talking about that one series in Faisalabad when Teenda was having trouble with tennis elbow. Born in poverty and surmounting the odds to play for Pakistan,the story he tells is an inspiring one. Controversially yours by shoaib akhtar Author:

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Before Inzimam captaincy, Wasim-Waqar sour relationship that resulted in undermining the team completely, and the rumour of match fixing Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

You’re paid to play cricket primarily, that’s it, and if you pray, fair enough but don’t play the tablighi jamaat with the rest of the players. Shoaib Akhtar has been one of the most colorful characters in the history of cricket. Originally Posted by Rana. Cricket had been a passion in Pakistani youth. KAR’ Attitude and all who were offended by it should read. Messrs Akthar and company would have done well to have read a few memorable autobiographies in recent times such as those penned by the erudite Controversially yours by shoaib akhtar in urdu Trescothik and the Iceman Steve Waugh, prior to embarking on such an important endeavor!


There were some forgotten incidents which refreshed my memory. There were sections in the book where Shoaib was trying to solve Pakistani issues like debt and joblessness. Gondal rated it really liked it. For instance Akhtar never forgot street vendor and tangah driver who had helped him in early of his career. Want to Read saving….

Controversially yours by shoaib akhtar

Not so well written too. The rest didn’t, and perhaps, they wanted to pray.

This book is politically incorrect and candid view of life as viewed by Shoaib who seems does seem to love controversy. We have to accept that it’s Allaah’s Will, and why?

While the sight of a fully fit Shoaib Akthar bounding in at full steam to bowl an unplayable delivery, has no doubt been one of the great spectacles of the cricketing world over the past many years, alas the same cannot be said about his autobiography by any stretch of imagination. Frontline Pakistan Read more. Aug 30, Tassavur rated it liked it. Wasim Akram delayed my debut. Perhaps the most absorbing, at times even riveting, parts of it are the first four chapters, which detail Shoaib’s ordeals before he became a celebrity.

But no one can deny that he didn’t have talent or can question his passion and commitment to Pakistani cricket. This is why Akhtar acknowledged General’s efforts and respects him till this day.

Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar (free pdf) ~ Free PDF Books

If everyone was so apathetic then how was he ever selected for the Pakistan cricket team? However, the book gives the insights about how the cricket in Pakistan is literally ruled by political leaders. In the next match, I controvegsially him on the head, and he could not score after that. A must read, I would say but keep I had read a review where it was mentioned that the book is more about Shoaib the Superstar than Shoaib the Cricketer.


We know how corrupt our system can become when we try to go fair for ourselves and country. It was clear that Allaah SWT has laid out perfect setting for Pakistan to win both WC even though Pakistan didn’t deserve to win both because of beginning of their disaster performance of both WC’s.

Controversially Yours by Shoaib Akhtar – Page 9

Dec 25, Rural Soul rated it it was amazing Shelves: P If you truly believe that the whole world conspires against u, maybe it does: I have no doubt all the internal battles and politics mentioned here.

I think he is was just a self-obsessed arrogant man as there is not a single loving sentence about d game or memorable on-field moments. Originally Posted by SAF.

His self-indulgent nature comes across loudly, as we are told of his love for money, girls, and even his own company. Originally Posted by TalhaSyed.