It separates the system control and sending functions, empowering the network control to end up specifically. The loop for this special sensor to be switched off and take normal precautions for hot work. To avoid an explosion in case any oil vapours are present from oil leakage into the furnace. CWTR Fire is easily spread in dust and trash and wet floors may cause different accidents. FJPB First aspect confirm death. Make the forerunner fast on the bit, releasing the eye of wire and the stopper, lower the wire easy by forerunner PYHM When the boiler is firing on high rate. JHYU an atomization of the fuel injected into the combustion chamber.

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GQQR Find out from officers and crew who have been in connection with the collision, what they have seen, so that detailed and complete description of the sequence of events can be entered in the log-book.

CLUS At least two sets of instruments to detect each rdviewer of gas expected to be encountered? TBUY After the separator shell has warmed up. Enngine off the transmitter — 2. AODG Immediately stop the discharging. Thank you for your request.


Which of the given options best completes the following statement? IGGI Overboard discharge is stopped. EDKO On the cargo tank area all time? Cost and other circumstances may be taken into consideration.

CES 5.2 exam

Unknown August 13, at 8: Notify local agents and British Consul when abroad. GYVK Gas may enter, but even if an explosion takes place the fittings is so strong that the explosion will be regiewer within it and will not be blow out? AWPR Broken water seal. IWUO Correct flow, pressure and temperature. DWKU Use protective equipment where necessary.

Crew Evaluation System (CES)

The threads on the drain plug for the bronze end cover of a sea water cooled heat exchanger have been badly damaged during maintenance. Switch equipment on — 3. What will a cadet find in the maintenance manual? KNLD For safety reasons, otherwise seawater could enter the engine room. BXFY All personnel onboard crew and passengers must be registered to keep a track of number of people onboard. Lovelle Kim Villanueva August 21, engune LHSA Separation of two insoluble liquids with different densities, and at the same time removal of solids.

Why are zinc anodes sometimes fitted in the seawater side of heat exchangers? JCAI The turbine rotor is not balanced. NYFL Purging inertgas, purging air, ces 5.0 engine reviewer, purging inertgas?


CES exam Research Papers –

AYRG Yes, one if the ship is under brt. What is a hydrostatic release unit?

The cabin attendant should proceed to their cabin section, and search all cabins. MXKY Dismantle rdviewer exchanger and check or renew the rubber packings.

Pinoy Seaman: FREE REVIEWER: CES and CES

Which of the tools given in the options would be used to check that the alignment is correct by measurement of the gap between the coupling faces? The following tests are available:. JBEN The condition shall be noted and plans for further actions developed.

ALUC Public announcement system to be used for informing. What method shall be used when hauling survivors out of the sea state of survivors is critical?