Round and square material may be defined, but bend calculations are valid for most any shape. Add to cart Add to wish list. SM is designed for bending sheet metal. Don’t have internet connection? Sign in Register Wish list.

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While the security dongle will allow your computer to run Bend-Tech software without an ez3x connection, there are a few drawbacks to using the offline method.

Bending Simulation Simulation helps the fabricator visualize the bending process before running the part through the machine. Don’t forget about the simulation and the step-by-step graphical setup sheets, as well as the fact that EZ-3D uses your die and materials libraries so you are confident you can bend-tech ez3d what is being designed.

We took our easy to use EZ product and added a 3D interface. Customers also bought Customer feedback. Bend-tfch Part 3D The Custom 3D Part interface allows ze3d to enter the definitions of your part in a sequence following the center line of the material. On-Line Help with Index bend-tech ez3d Search.

Along with the ability to adjust the software for most any type and model of bender, the software will be able to effectively handle most any part and bending environment. Custom Part 2D Create a part by starting at one end and then entering in the distance between bends and the angle dz3d each bend.


Customer Defined Material Library. The bend angles and rotations are automatically calculated. If your just starting out and have a couple of projects in mind, EZ3D will be a great stepping bend-tech ez3d to get you started.

SM is designed for bending sheet metal. Flip Tube in Bend-tech ez3d Production. EZ3D software can run offline in between. Login General information Edit account info. Software will provide cut length, bend bend–tech, bend angles, and rotations for every parts bend-tech ez3d have designed. A secondary sheet shows bend-trch by step graphical instructions.

Add bend-tevh cart Add to wish list. In the graphic below you can watch the part being created as the values are entered in.

BendTech BT-EZ-3D Tube and Pipe Design and Bending Software

Rotational Input for Custom Bend-tech ez3d. Download link will be sent to your email within hours on normal business hours. Simulation offers a quick way to verify a part can be made and also gives the fabricating beginners bend-tech ez3d opportunity to see how the part is processed through the bender prior to any tube being cut or bent.

Also, any maintenance of a bwnd-tech dongle requires shipment back to our facility and back to you at additional cost. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.

Bend Tech EZ and EZ3D Tube Bending Software for the JD2 and Pro Tools Bender

Die Library Define your dies within the software. Bend Order Manipulation Bend from either end, flip the part between any of the bends, or do a custom sequencing. The Tri-Star interface is unique in that a customer doesn’t need to learn XYZ, bend-tech ez3d uses terms like front, back, bend-tecn, floor, left, and right.


Ask a question about this product. Bend Calculation Output Software will provide cut length, bend locations, bend angles, and rotations for every parts you have designed.

Bend-Tech PRO (Upgrade from EZ3D)

If a valid internet connection is not available on your computer, you bend-etch choose to purchase a security dongle to use the software offline. We use terms that are easy to understand for direction control during the creation of the part; left, right, front, bend-tech ez3d, ceiling and floor.

Control Group Fournier Enterprises, Inc. We spent countless hours observing and asking questions bend-tech ez3d our customers on how they would like to see PRO work. We pealed back the pillars of standard CAD thinking and put together an interface that is logical beyond belief.