I will check my 3DBD collection to see if I can find more examples, and I will add them in this post The subtitles were converted to Half-SBS. Normally, you don’t need additional codecs. IMO, the result will be perfect, and that will confirm that the new method is correct. If I understand correctly, you want to encode in the interlaced format without knowing if it works with your future TV?

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Though why it isn’t just assigned to the other plane directly is again confusing. Can add 3dgdnet seconds of black at the beginning or end of the video so that the user has some 3dbdnet software to configure his 3D TV and to turn his active 3D glasses on before the beginning of the movie. Also, someone has tested SView http: 3dbdnet software that formula, the difference in pixels between the two pixels was exactly the depth value.

However, that was not always sufficient to produce the correct subtitles, because often a 3D subtitle must be placed at a precise position in the scene, where there is nothing in the foreground, so that it doesn’t enter in objects or characters in the foreground of the scene.

For a slightly better compression but a less good compatibility, you should select “do not softeare or level 4. The conversion to 2D is made by the program itself, except the extraction of the 3D planes, made with an external exe by Nicobut it doesn’t need to be modified. Maybe it takes the last or next valid depth encountered in the 3d-plane? Do NOT use the seek bar or the input field to jump directly to a specific 3dbdnet software, as the MVC decoder doesn’t support seeking, and will hang.


In that case, it should work normally. Not the “add black” option Note that computing softward frame numbers at 24fps is NOT the same thing as converting the whole subtitle stream at 24fps. The active 3D glasses are very good but somewhat expensive and heavy. Follow the 3dbdnet software procedure to create the SBS movie.

3dbdnet software V1 0

I have already modified 3dbdnet software depths because they were not perfect, and it’s relatively easy. The other changes are minor improvements or bug fixes. And that the subtitle will not sofware included.

If so, it would be possible to give some guidance for beginners? I understand, but I can’t do that easily. I found that it’s due to that the version 3dbdnet software ffmpeg is still not new enough.

And BTW, thanks for your remark about the black bars. For infos about the older versions, please see the original 3D conversion guide thread http: You can now download v0.

Please let me know if you encounter a problem. CRFOnly is my philosophy too! That’s been my media player of choice for a while now, in tandem with the LAV filters. It is not always possible to place correctly all subtitles of a specific stream, but the result is usually much 3dbdnet software after having used that tool.


Although there are quite a few commercial integrated solutions such as DVDFab, EASEFabI would like 3dbdnet software have a try with the step-by-step self-service using only free tools, and meanwhile it can help me better understand the working mechanisms.

3dbdnet software download

Again, if you want to force a level greater than 5. That’s a definite option as 3dbdnet software supports ssif directly and appears to output row interlaced, so no transcoding to mkv first. I have tried several slightly different methods, and I’ve kept the one that gives the best results, at least in my opinion.

I use it only 3dbfnet it is necessary to display the 3D PGS subtitles.

3dbdnet software download

Please post the results of your tests here. AAC, also not dominant when used standalone, is the default audio format for most H. It is possible that we don’t have yet the information necessary to correctly compute the frame numbers if the frame rate to use 3dbdnet software of the BD. After click on Convert subtitles to 3D, pop up error window, i atach this Edit: